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Cutting Services

We offer professional haircuts for men, women, kids and teens at our hair salon in Houston and Katy. Get the latest trendy haircut at our Salon. Visit Now!

Styling Services

Our passion for the hair world enables our clients to receive professional knowledge to enhance and improve their Look!

Extensions Services

You can achieve luxurious and amazing looks while we also maintain and nourish your natural hair.

Chemical Services

Beautiful Hair needs an Expert with Stimulation in Creative Identity, Passion and Commitment.

Treatment Services

Hair care routines differ according to an individual's culture and the physical characteristics of one's hair. Let us help select the best treatment that works for your hair.

Membership Packages

As professional stylists we believe in honesty, patience, creativity & hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for our clients.

At The Look you will find a team of Artists who are dedicated to making sure each client is enthusiastic when leaving our chair.


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