Apprenticeship Program

– Cosmetology License or a MINIMUM of 800 hours from an accredited cosmetology school.
– Passion and motivation to become a successful Artist.
– Experience in customer service.
– Being able to multi-task.
– Team-minded.
– FLEXIBLE schedule.

1. Providing an enhanced experience for our clients by assisting our Artists.
2. Maintaining a neat and sterile salon environment.
3. Ensuring that ALL salon chores are completed before EVERY SHIFT (washing color bowls, laundry, wiping surfaces, etc.).
4. Watch and learn from the Artists that are on your shift. 
5. Be attentive and willing to participate in weekly training. 
6. Remaining punctual and dependable as well as maintain self-sufficiency.


ASK QUESTIONS, We are here to help you. 
Must have professional goals both individually and for the team.

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